Social and Urban Renewal Group

The “Gruppo Rigenerazione Urbana e Sociale”, founded in 2020, is made up of professionals from the Foundation and academics from the University sector, in particular the Politecnico di Torino. The working group is dedicated to supporting projects, assessing the social impact and sustainability of interventions in the territory with a holistic, multidisciplinary perspective.

The group’s activity aims to set up data collection systems to enable monitoring and evaluation of impact, according to the theory of changemodel. This is an approach that guides organisations in focusing their intervention with the aim of measuring and improving the impact achieved, limiting inefficiencies and waste, and improving relations with their stakeholders. The evaluation model provides direct social impact parameters and indicators selected for their availability and ease of use and processing, where the data collection system also includes elements to assess the impact of urban quality on social health and personal well-being. The comparison with European actors carrying out similar activities is ongoing and serves to exchange and update perspectives with European institutions.

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Social and Urban Renewal Group