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Endeavor, is an international non-profit organisation in 25 countries. Endeavor Italia supports high potential entrepreneurs to create wealth, employment and economic growth. It was founded thanks to a local network of donors and it relies on its international network of mentors, advisors and operational offices to take the Italian entrepreneurial ecosystem to a new level of development.

As part of its collaboration with Fondazione Sviluppo e Crescita CRT, Endeavor has developed a project with three large-scale activities:

  • Elevator: a six month programme aimed at supporting promising entrepreneurs who, however, are not yet part of Endeavor’s target due to the small size of their companies. Nine selected entrepreneurs in Italy whose companies have a turnover of around €500k, in the year of application to the programme, but who expect at least a doubling of turnover within the following year and have a clear potential to scale up on an Italian and international level. The programme is open to companies from all sectors.
  • Endeavor Entrepreneurs @OGR: a two-day event dedicated to the Endeavor network, with workshops for entrepreneurs who are members of the Endeavor Italia Network and their leadership teams.
  • OGR Community Workshops: organisation of workshops for the OGR community on topics related to the world of innovation and startups.

Elevator 2023

The new edition of Elevator, Endeavor Italia’s growth programme for high potential companies, developed with the support of Fondazione CRT, Fondazione Sviluppo e Crescita CRT, OGR Torino, and in collaboration with EY, Growth Capital, K&L Gates Italia, W Executive.

Elevator will select the best companies that have the potential to play a leading role in local and international entrepreneurship in the future. The companies will participate in a six-month programme that includes two days of workshops, a meeting with international investors and tailored mentoring.