Social Housing

Financed Projects

  • Fondo Social & Human Purpose

    The Fondo Social & Human Purpose can be classified as part of Socially Responsible Investing, where ethical and financial principles are taken into account.

    It is managed by Real Estate Asset Management (REAM) SGR S.p.A, and it is contributed to exclusively by foundations of Piedmontese banking origins.

  • Sharing Ivrea 24 Sustainable Living S.p.A

    Ivrea 24 and “SHARING condividere idee e abitazioni” is a temporary social housing initiative in Turin, established in 2011 to meet the needs for temporary rental properties at controlled costs and it is characterized by high energy efficiency with a low environmental impact.

    SHARING activates the important process of Social Impact investment in the area of social housing in Turin, and is financed by Fondazione Sviluppo e Crescita - CRT.

Funded projects